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QuantumPlace Developments Ltd.
Suite 203, 1026 16th Avenue NW
Calgary, AB T2M 0K6

Office Directory

Chris Ollenberger: Managing Principal
P: 587-350-5172 (ext. 222)

Jessica Karpat: Principal- Planning
P: 587-350-5172 (ext. 223)
Phil Wareham: Principal- Development
P: 587-350-5172 (ext. 227)

J.D. Lewis: Director of Finance
P: 587-350-5172 (ext 220)

Kurt Hynes: Corporate Accountant
P: 587-350-5172 (ext 229)

Ken Scott : Project Manager
P: 587-350-5172 (ext 237)

Kent MacDougall: Senior Planner & Development Coordinator
P: 587-350-5172 (ext 232)

Michael Emmanuel: Project Accountant
P: 587-350-5172 (ext. 230)

Tamara Gagne: Administrative Coordinator
P: 587-350-5172 (ext 224)
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