Harvest Hills Residential Expansion

Update: August 2016

A revised section plan, including two additional sections, has been posted on the right hand side of the page.

Supporting Studies Available

A complete list of all technical reports and documents submitted as part of the application are now available to the public. Click on the links to the right to view these reports and documents.


Application Recommendation and Calgary Planning Commission

The City of Calgary planning department has finalized their review of the application based on the amended plans and information submitted by QuantumPlace Developments Ltd on May 20th, 2016. The application will be presented to Calgary Planning Commission on August 11th, with a recommendation for approval. Calgary Planning Commission is a hearing open to the public, but it is not a public hearing where the public can speak. Space is limited in the hearing room and items are not allotted specific times. If you wish to view the hearing but cannot attend in person, the webcast is available on the City of Calgary website.

An information session will be held by the City of Calgary on Wednesday, July 20th, from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Harvest Hills Alliance Church (10099 Harvest Hills Blvd NW). A second information session will be held in September, date yet to be determined.

An updated design of Harvest Hills Drive/Harvest Park Drive is included in the links on the right had side of this page.

The update on the City of Calgary project website can be found here.


Detailed Team Review 2 Response Submitted.

On May 20th, 2016, QuantumPlace Developments Ltd. submitted the response to second Detailed Team Review from the City of Calgary (a comprehensive list of comments from various City departments on the plan) for the Outline Plan and Land Use Re-designation application for the Harvest Hills residential expansion.

The amended plan incorporates several amendments and clarifications including:

  • Incorporation of curb bump outs at the intersection of Harvest Hills Drive and Harvest Park Drive to improve pedestrian crossing safety
  • Incorporation of secondary suites within R-1 areas as requested by the City of Calgary. Note this was undertaken with extreme reluctance by QuantumPlace
  • Amendments to the parks areas to include physical activity stations
  • Additional details provided on road design at the intersection of Harvest Park Drive with Country Hills Boulevard and Harvest Park Rise
  • A dedication of 1.2m of property along the northern boundary of the site to accommodate the future widening of Country Hills Boulevard and the incorporation of a regional pathway on the south side of the road.

The updated Outline Plan will be posted shortly on The City of Calgary project website (web) and can be found on the link on the right.


Application Progress to Date (What's Happened So Far)

In Fall of 2014, QuantumPlace Developments Ltd, acting as the applicant for Cedarglen homes, informed residents of Harvest Hills and surrounding communities of the sale of the Golf Course to Cedarglen Homes and the intention  to develop the property. At this point, no plan has been developed as Cedarglen wished to consult with the community prior to developing any plans. Also, at this time QuantumPlace informed the City of Calgary of their intentions to develop the property. City of Calgary staff attended various engagement sessions over the following 8 months as observers and to collect feedback from residents.

Community drop-in sessions were held on November 4, 5 and 6 at the former golf course club house to gather input from the community in order to inform the development of the plan. Input from these sessions was used to create four "conversation starters" that demonstrated trade-offs between various ideas and concepts. A report to the community on the input received during these sessions was issued on December 14 and can be found on the link to the right under (Phase 1 Engagement Report).

From this initial meeting, a Community Advisory Group was formed consisting of residents that lived on the golf course, those who lived in the wider community, members of the Northern Hills Community Association and City of Calgary staff. QuantumPlace met with this community advisory group throughout the pre-application process to discuss all aspects of the plan additionally QuantumPlace met with the Northern Hills Community Association several times throughout the process.

A number of workshops were held on January 31, and February 3, 4 and 15.  These workshops further explored ideas and trade-offs between various “development” concepts. The concept plans can be downloaded from the links to the right under "Explore Workshop Materials." Input from these workshops informed a draft concept plan that was presented in April to the community. A report on community input from these sessions was issued on March 4 and can be found on the link to the right (Phase 2 Engagement Report). Combined with City requirements and technical standards, the physical constraints of the former golf course and the financial viability of the project, community input helped shape a draft concept for the site. Final open houses based on this draft concept for residential expansion were held on April 23 and 25.   The boards presented at these open houses can be found under "Open House Materials" on the links to the right. During this time, QuantumPlace had a pre-application meeting with the City of Calgary to get initial feedback on the draft plan. The feedback from these sessions and from the initial pre-application meeting was compiled in a report and issued to the community on June 20, 2015 (See Phase 3 Engagement Report on the link to the right).  Based on the public input from the open houses and City comments, a final amended concept was created for submission to the City.

Throughout the process, QuantumPlace met with the Northern Hills Community Association in November, December, January and again in April. Initially three members of the NHCA were on the Community Advisory Group, one member continued to attend the meetings after March.  Members of the NHCA Board and Planning Committee also attended the information sessions and open houses held by QuantumPlace and the City of Calgary in September. 

The Outline Plan and Land Use application was submitted to the City of Calgary on July 7, 2015. The Plan reflected the substantial community engagement conducted over an 8-month period. The application package, including the outline plan, the land use plan and the rationale for the application can be found in the links to the right under "Outline Plan and Land Use Re-designation Submission."

The Plan that was submitted to the City of Calgaryunderwent a technical review by various departments at the City of Calgary, external groups such as the Calgary Airport Authority and was circulated to the NHCA. The Submission was made available on the City of Calgary’s website.  In addition, a survey was circulated by the City of Calgary to members of the community on September 10 and input was taken until September 24 of September. As well, the City of Calgary held three open houses on September 10, 11 and 14, 2015 to gain additional feedback on the proposed Plan.

On October 22, 2015, the City of Calgary issued a Detailed Team Review to QuantumPlace. This review included comments from various City departments, and comments from external stakeholders, such as the airport authority, the NHCA and members of the community. QuantumPlace was asked to amend the Plan and address all the comments and concerns.

From October to February, QuantumPlace worked with the City to resolve issues and concerns and on February 5, 2016, QuantumPlace submitted a written response to the Detailed Team Review. The amended Plan for this response can be found on the link to the right under "Detailed Team Review Response."

On March 24th, the City of Calgary issued a second Detailed Team Review, requesting additional information regarding the application and for some amendments to the plan. The response to this detailed team review was submitted on May 20th, 2016.


What Happens Next?

Additional public engagement on the amended plan for residential expansion in Harvest Hills will be undertaken by the City of Calgary, with participation from QuantumPlace Developments. The details and dates for this engagement session will be updated on the City of Calgary project website, this website, through mailing lists and various other means once dates are confirmed.

The amended application will undergo further technical review by the City of Calgary. Once reviewed, the City of Calgary planning department will present the application to Calgary Planning Commission (CPC) at a date yet to be determined. CPC will review the application and make a recommendation to City Council for refusal, approval or they may ask Administration (the planning department) to work on further changes to the Plan. Once the Plan is presented to City Council at a date yet to be determined, , there will be a public hearing, where members of the community  can speak either in favour or against the Plan.  Once completed, City Council will deliberate on the plan and make a decision.