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QuantumPlace supports all services for Real Estate Development. Based in Calgary, we partner with our clients to determine viable opportunities, and bring each project to it’s success.

Bringing development projects from conception to success, we contribute to the development of complete communities every step of the way.

Driving the City forward, QuantumPlace Developments it the manager and financier of all things Quantum. While engaging with investors for future developments and City growth, QPD provides support and management to each project under it’s brand.

Built to last – our promise is our homes. QuantumLifespaces is a residential, and mixed-use builder providing a full Home Warranty to each resident as they enter the next stage of their lives. We design with you in mind.

Backed by years of experience as the leaders of the industry,= QuantumPlace Consulting offers a supported journey from start to finish on every project, ensuring stability, professionalism, and expertise. Through customized community outreach and engagement programs, we manage the project from concept to creation.

The Quantum Promise

We partner with clients to determine viable opportunities, obtain successful approvals, mitigate risk and manage execution form design through to construction.

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