Meet The Team

We Are Thorough.

Our combined experience ensures we are able to offer our clients a full spectrum of professional development management services.

We Are Committed.

We embrace the fluidity of the development industry and get the job done.

We Are Practiced.

Our passion for the industry means we offer leadership to projects, clients, and communities with our heads and our hearts.

We Are Agile.

We are curious and confident by nature giving us the tenacity to fully embrace adaptivity and innovation.

We Are Perceptive.

Our promise is to understand each project, client, and community so that we are able to make solid recommendations.

Our Principals


Managing Principal

Chris is a seasoned real estate development executive with more than 20 years of broad real estate management, design, planning, construction and engineering experience in creating innovative, sustainable urban communities and buildings. He is well recognized for his ability to conceptualize new neighbourhoods and buildings, and carry that vision through planning, engineering, approvals and construction with cost effective results and problem solving. He strives to incorporate the principals of placemaking into his projects through quality public spaces, travel corridors, visual enticement through execution in architecture and landscaping.


Principal | Development

Phil has more than 20 years of project management and technical engineering experience within the land development sector, including extensive experience in implementing innovative, sustainable urban places. His diverse experience includes managing land development operations, negotiating with regulatory officials from both provincial and municipal agencies on a variety of issues, design, planning, construction and engineering experience in creating innovative, sustainable urban communities and buildings.


Principal | Planning

Jessica is an Urban Planner with more than 20 years of progressive planning experience in inner city policy and redevelopment approvals. Prior to joining QuantumPlace, Jessica worked in the private sector as an urban planner, and for The City of Calgary as a Senior Planner for Land Use Amendment Services where she has managed, evaluated, and presented a number of complex inner city projects to Calgary Planning Commission and City Council. From high-level policy and master plan development to implementation. Jessica also has substantial experience leading interior design and marketing, and sales strategies for residential development projects.  

Our Team



Toun is an Urban Planner with experience in policy, outline plan review, planning education, and stakeholder engagement.

Before joining QuantumPlace, Toun worked for the Federation of Calgary Communities where she participated on several committees within the City of Calgary and provided planning advice and education to community association volunteers. She advocated for and represented the interests of community associations to City Council, city planners, school boards and other stakeholders.

Toun’s experience involves policy analysis and review, public engagement, and stakeholder relations. She is passionate about working with various stakeholders and creating solutions to project challenges.


Senior Planner

Alison leverages almost a decade of experience in land use planning as well as transit planning, regional growth planning, and policy analysis. She utilizes a disciplined approach to schedules, budget, and resources to ensure that the best outcomes are possible on any project. Alison incorporates the expertise and needs of stakeholders in complex regional and municipal environments through regular check-ins and workshops with elected officials, municipal staff, provincial staff, and other regional stakeholders.



Connor is a planner with a diverse background spanning the public and private sector. Connor obtained his master’s degree in Planning at the University of Calgary. There, he was able to explore his passion for developing form-based designs that are accessible as well as inclusive. Prior to his master’s, he studied industrial design at the University of Alberta. There, he explored the principles of how form could improve people’s health and well-being. His past design education continues to inform his focus on developing equitable community-focused solutions in all his projects.



Crystal holds an undergraduate in design from the University of Alberta and a Master of Planning from the University of Calgary. She has worked on a variety of projects from first parcel out applications to large scale conceptual schemes and area structure plans. She has experience in policy writing, site analysis, urban design and public engagement. Her practice has been focused on transparent, friendly communication with an emphasis on public engagement and community building.


Communtiy Planner

Baha is a passionate advocate for community planning and is driven by a desire to create spaces that are both intricately designed and inherently accessible. With a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a Master’s in Planning from the University of Calgary, Baha brings a comprehensive academic foundation to his work.​

His professional journey has seen him collaborate closely with indigenous communities in Western Canada, fostering inclusive and culturally sensitive planning practices. Additionally, as a licensed architect-engineer in Jordan, Baha has contributed his expertise to a range of residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments, assuming pivotal roles such as project manager and architect. Baha specializes in urban design, small parcel redevelopment, and has a keen understanding of the complexities inherent in community development.


Project Coordinator

Kurt applies his significant accounting experience in various industries to successfully shepherd project finances. Kurt works with the project manager to produce reports and analysis that ensure the financial health and success of our projects.



Kerry is responsible for the accounting, reporting, budgeting, administrative and human resource functions. Prior to joining QuantumPlace, Kerry spent more than a decade in public accounting practice working in a wide variety of industries.


Administrative Coordinator

Sarah is an administrative professional with over fifteen years experience assisting management and supporting teams. With a background in procurement, she prides herself on effectively communicating the needs of clients. Sarah assists with marketing, sales and warranty, and communications, as well as executive level support with clients and stakeholders. As the Administrative Coordinator, she maintains a focused ability to assist the team while adding some creativity to a highly organized role.

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